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You Still Hurt Me Chords

Standard Tuning
Capo on 5th Fret
Follow this progression:
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/w/william_fitzsimmons/you_still_hurt_me_crd_ver_3.html ]
[Intro]: C G D Em
        C                G                  D   Em
I'm not comfortable with how we never talk.
        C                G                       D
And I miss you since you went out for that walk.
          Em              C   G   D
It's been 13 months since May.
          Em              C   G   D   Em
It still feels like yesterday.

[And so on...]

If you want to play it like Fitzsimmons does, standard fingerpicking is used. He likes 
repetition on the bass notes though, which mimic the changing higher notes.