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Hell Or High Water Chords

	     Hell or High Water -William Elliott Whitmore
Tabbed by:Steve

Tuning: standard

intro: Play this at the beginning of song and end of each chorus.
   A           E    G  D

   A           E    D
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(Verse and Chorus:)
 A             E                   D
Smoke em if you got em, drink your glasses to the bottom,
     A       E          D
and toast me on another year.
        A       E             D
Another year of hope, another year of holdin on,
    A           E       D
you drinkers by day and bastards by dawn
      A           E       D 
And I hope I will see you soon,
     A      E         D
and I'll be home come hell or high water,
     A      E             D  
and I know I will see you soon.


(Verse 2)
 A                       E                        D
Gather round friends and neighbors, who make their living by labor
    A          E              D
and share with me this little time.
            A                 E             D
This little time that we have left, to have drink and catch a breath
        A          E             D
well it might just be what saves our lives.



(Verse 3)
 A             E                   D
Smoke em if you got em, drink your glasses to the bottom
    A             E       D
and listen to the howling dogs.
      A       E              D   
and oh how it pleases me, to be in such company
       A           E          D  
and im so glad our paths have crossed

(chorus all the way through)

(then again end on...)

and ill be home come hell or high water

and i know i will see you soon