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I Am Drinking Again Chords

I haven't compared to the record, so I can't say what key the song is
in. This transcription is in G, which sounds right when i sing and
play it. This is the first Oldham selection on this site, which
probably means there isn't much demand for them. Whatever.

G      C          G   D     G
I am drinking again. oooh. oh.

G                 C     G       C   D      G
I'm on my seventh cold glass of gin oooh, oh.
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C          G          D             G
Life is a tribute to you, and so is dying.

C         G           D                   G
Drinking in this way, to die is what i'm trying.

these lyrics are probably wrong, but they usually are on these things.

C             G            D                       G
I also try to keep my load light, in case an angel loves me

C                     G              D              G
And lifts me up with angel hooks to somewhere high above me.

then theres the beginning part, then CGDG until the end. you can
figure it out! yr a smart boy/girl! yay you!