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"Play That Funky Music"
By: Sam Elderfield
CONTACT: sam_2929@hotmail.com

Aiight i found out how to play this song perfectly then i came on GTU
to see if you people had it the same.. And you didn't.. So here is how
to play the rhythm and bass line. hope this helps somebody

Okay.. first thing's first.. bass line


Now into the song..

Chords used right here..
E9   F#9    F9   E13
5     7     6     7
5     7     6     5
5     7     6     5
4     6     5     4
5     7     6     5
-     -     -     -

Hmm.. Beginners that don't know how to play these chords i will try to 
briefly explain.  You will start wtih putting your ring finger
across the G, B, and E strings.. Then put your index finger on the D
string, at thedesignated 1 fret lower than the G, B, and E and then 
put your middle finger on the A string on the same fret as your ring 
finger.. As for E13 all you do is make an E9 chord and place your pinky
finger on the 7th fret of the e string.

Okay and the rhythm goes like this.. I will try to explain it the best
i can.. But if you're clueless as to how to play funk music and if 
you can't understand it the way i put it, you're pretty much hopeless.
But anyone with a brain can figure this out.

THE MAIN RHYTHM goes like this stroking up and down with notes and mutes.
/ means stroke the strings, X means mute.. NOT PALM MUTE .. lol I
figure that someone out there might try to palm mute and it will be a lot 
harder.. If you don't know how to mute normally its just playing dead 
notes, your fingers don't press on the fretboard, they only touch
the strings, making only a scratching sound.

E9                     F#9    F9
/ / X X  / / X X  / / X /  X X / X 

E9                     E13
/ / X X  / / X X  / / X /  / / / / 
                        V  V
(where the E13 kicks in you make two consecutive upstrokes, skipping
the downstroke and into the fourth bar)
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/w/wild_cherry/play_that_funky_music_tab.html ]

PRE-CHORUS is ska-like upstrokes.. really easy.. only using the E9 chord
X /  X /  X /  X /

CHORUS gets a little more complicated i guess... the chords we're playing
move higher up on the fretboard and a few new chords are introduced

chords used in the chorus

G9     G#9     A9     Bb
10     11      12     7
10     11      12     7
10     11      12     8
9      10      11     9
10     11      12     9
--     --      --     7

stroking pattern goes like this

G9                     A9     G#9
/ / X X  / / X X  / / X /  X X / X 

G9                     G13
/ / X X  / / X X  / / X /  / / / /
                        V  V
G9                     A9     G#9
/ / X X  / / X X  / / X /  X X / X

/ / / /  / / / /  / / / /  / / / /
                        V  V

(refer to main rhythm help if you need help playin this..)


SORRY I DON'T HAVE THE SOLO ..  i will probably post it at a later date


One more part to learn though before you've got it all down

OUTRO ROLL. pff simple little riff


Okay, there you have it.. Pretty easy stuff and it's kinda fun to practice
for a change..  Playing stuff like this will also increase your rhythmic
skills, with the speed and repetitiveness.

Hope this tab was a help to someone.. i don't think there's any mistakes
but if you're 150% sure that i've made a mistake in this tab e-mail me i guess.
Uhm yeah if this tab works out really well for you and you're happy with it
send me an e-mail. it would be nice to know i'm helping someone

Anyways.. enjoy, peace