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Side With The Seeds Chords

Capo 1

Tires type black
           G              A
Where the blacktop cracks
Weeds spark through
      G      F          A
Dark green enough to be blue

When the mysteries we believe in 
       G        F#m         Em          
Arenít dreamed enough to be true
     Dm               G
Some side with the leaves
     D              A
Some side with the seeds

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The treetops nod
the rain applauds
The park grows dark
And the swings all slowly die
But you and I will be undefeated
by agreeing to disagree
No one wins but the thieves
so why side with anything

Am, Amaj7, Dm, A,
Am, Amaj7, Dm, A,
A, G, F#m, Em, Dm, G, D, A

The streetlights glow
Comes and goes
When the sun comes back
As we all can plainly see
Embracing the situation
Is our only chance to be free
Iíll side with you
If you side with me