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Got You Chords

Got You- Wilco
Written by Jeff Tweedy
Album- Being There

In case you havent notiticed a lot of songs on this album
are easy to tab.  Once again its Matt Walters here tabbing another 
good song of a great album.  I dont have the lyrics and this is the basics
of the song.  There at least 3 guitars on this song and I only tabbed 
the rhythm guitar.  I havent really finished it yet but here are the basics.
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/w/wilco/got_you_crd.html ]
G-G-A       D-D-A          G-G-A         D-D-A      

Gm-Gm-F#m      F#m-F#m-Fm   Repeat A whole bunch of times

Well, have fun.  Its not that hard and remember, please send all 
revisions to foofighterduck@hotmail.com.  They better have a name 
and put into correct tab format, also put your name and email.  
I dont want to waste my time with anything stupid.  

Peace Out, and Good Luck!!!!!!