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Laika Chords

This is my first Tab. I probably got it all wrong but hey, I tried.



D                    A6                   Bm
   From here in my cage I see them make plans,
                       G                            D
Hear them reassure investors, shake presidents' hands.
D                    A6                  Bm
   The men with machines put tubes into me,
                     G                           D
They measure my vital signs, my flight trajectory.
D                    A6                     Bm
   They taught me to sit, taught me to lie down.
                    G                                 D
Told me that a thousand years of wondering would end now.
D                          A6                      Bm
   They fed me my last meal, was the same as my first.
                  G                      D
From here in my cage, I watch the men work.

  D        A6
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D                  A6                       Bm
   And now it's a flurry of lab coats and hurry.
                G                        D
They talk about budgets and taxpayers' money.
D                A6                   Bm
   And I wag my tail and I be a good girl,
                            G                                        D
They forgot to walk me this morning they were too busy changing the world.
D                       A6                        Bm
   And I'm out from my cage and I'm trying to be brave,
                    G                          D
But the men they are sweating and now they're injecting,
D            A6
   And as I awake
I'm shocked and amazed.
   At the sheer, crushing empty.

G              Asus                Bm      A6           G                             G
   And I look down on men's little earth, sitting there quietly, wondering what it's worth.
            Asus  A              Bm            Asus        G                           D
And I drift away, but that's okay, there's more room to play out here than back in my cage.

                   A5(xxx225)       Bm
And I know I will die, but that is fine,
                 G                 D
Cause in some way I am helping mankind.
                 A5(xxx225)                        Bm
And I don't understand, cause I'm not as smart as them,
                G                                D
But even a parachute would have shown that they cared.

D                  A6              Bm
   And so I float on, space's only dog.
               G                D
Friend to the stars, pet of the sun.
               A6                Bm
From my little ship I dream of my bone,
              G                             G
A walk in the park, something comfy to sleep on.

                Asus                        Bm
And they call me Laika but I'd just like to say  
     A            G                                 G                     
That I was born Little Curly and I'll die with that name.
                Asus                        Bm
Yeah they call me Laika but I'd just like to say
       A            G                                    D(x00235)         
 I was born Little Curly and I'll die with that name.