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Blight Tab

Tabbed by:Hunter


Bass Line:

Main Theme:
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Verse 1:
Dm    F          Bb      A
   We sat on the couch a-playin
Dm           F          Bb       A
   Touch the tongue and bump the table
Dm           F             Bb      A
   But I was scorned after little ado
G                     A*  Bb    * single note walking up
Tossed right out into the blue

Verse 2:
I set into a downward spiral
Caught an illness that was literally viral
I heard some words of wisdom the other day
And they went in one ear and out the other one

Verse 3:
I awoke from this beatific binge
With prismatic eyes, now lite is tinged
With all the vapors that the vile humans brew
Shining through the.. blight of you (3x)