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Defying Gravity Chords

“Defying Gravity” transcribed by Mike P.

Tune to E flat –Best Played on an Acoustic, normal rhythm and tempo

This is a modified version of the Original Cast Recording (OCR), with the talking parts
removed. The 2nd Verse is a little scaled back from the OCR, mainly to keep a nice
acoustic feel. After the 2nd Chorus, we skip straight to the Bridge, mostly to preserve 
the continuity of the music. The Bridge and the 3rd Chorus make the song.

** The outro is the most complex part of the arrangement, with some single notes in
various places(C,B,A# rundown, and F#),but like the rest of the song, it’s got a small
learning curve, and then you’ll have it in no time.

Once learned, these chords are fairly easy to play, and they flow into each other quite
well. It may seem like a lot at first, but it’s a solid transcription. I hope you enjoy
playing this version as much as I do.  – Mike P.

A---------x02220              *--------------|LAST LINE CHORDS:
Bm--------x24432              D-------xx0232-|
Bm(F#)----224432              Am------xx2210-|
Cadd9-----x3203x              F-------xx3211-|
D---------xx0232              G-------xx5433-|
Dadd9-----xx023x              D(A)----557775-|

Dadd9          G
Something has changed within me

Dadd9        G
Something is not the same

Dadd9            G              F#Dsus2
I'm through with playing by the rules

   G             Cadd9
Of someone else's game

Cadd9        Dadd9
Too late for second-guessing

Cadd9          Dadd9
Too late to go back to sleep

Em7          F#Dsus2
It's time to trust my instincts

G                 A
Close my eyes and leap

It's time to try

   G    A
De-fying gravity

I think I'll try

  G     A
Defying gravity

                      Dadd9  G  Dadd9  G
And you can't pull me down

Verse 2:
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/w/wicked/defying_gravity_crd_ver_4.html ]
Dadd9         G      Asus2
I'm through accepting limits

Dadd9          G
'Cause someone says they're so

Dadd9        G        Asus2
Some things I cannot change

     F#Dsus2  G    Cadd9
But 'till I   try, I'll never know

Cadd9         Dadd9
Too long I've been afraid of

Cadd9          Dadd9
Losing love - I guess I've lost

Em7             F#Dsus2
Well, if that's love

            G                  A
It comes at much too high a cost

Chorus 2:
I'd sooner buy

  G     A
Defying gravity

Kiss me goodbye

      G     A
I'm defying gravity

                      Cadd9   Cadd9 (strum into bridge)
And you can't pull me down...


Dadd9      G
  So if you care to find me

Dadd9       G
Look to the western sky

Dadd9      G       A
As someone told me lately

G    Em7    F#Dsus2   Dadd9          Cadd9
Evry-one de-serves the chance to....fly!

And if I'm flying solo

Cadd9         Dadd9
 At least I'm flying free

Em7             F#Dsus2
 To those who'd ground me

      G                 A
Take a message back from me

Chorus 3:

Tell them how I

     G     A
Am defying gravity!

I'm flying high

  G     A
Defying gravity!

OUTRO: **see above note**

             G              F#  Bm  A#sus2
And soon I'll match them in re--nown

    D         G
And nobody in all of Oz

   F#Dsus2           G
No wizard that there is or was

C,B,A#    G     A     A     Bm
  Is ever gonna bring me ---down! (I hope you're happy)

             Bm(F#)  Bm
[Look at her she's   wicked! Get her!]

Bring me down!
               Bm(F#)  Bm
  [No one mourns the   wicked]

                         Oh Whoa o-ohh
           D  Am  F    G                 D(A)
[So we've got to bring her              down!]