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Real Good Looking Boy Chords

-Real Good Looking Boy
-Then & Now

Piano Intro
C  G  Am

(D-E-)F  C  G

(G) F  G  Am

(D-E-F) Csus2 G

Right hand Piano stays on a C, while left hand/guitar (when it comes in) follows:
C  G  Am  F

C                       G             
When I think back, to the first time in my childhood

Am              F
I saw that face, I thought right then

C              G                      Am        F
That's a Real Good Looking Boy

C                    G
I saw myself in the mirror

        Am                          F
Here in profile, for the first time, I thought

C              G                    Am         F
Hey, thats a Real Good Looking Boy

C                      G
I felt then, that I'd moved

          Am                      F
With all those lucky fucks and angels

C             G              Am          F
High in the air in the sky

     C              G
So I ran to my momma

         Am                    F
I said, hey ma, take a look at me
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        C               G               Am         F
Have you ever seen a teen fly so high?

C             G                 Am       F
     Thats a Real Good Lookin Boy          (played 2 times)

(same progression)

She said son, well you know
Youre an ugly boy
You dont really 
look like him
In this long line theres been some
Real strange genes
You got them all, you got them all
With some extras thrown in


Descending progression-  F, Em, Dm, C

(same as verse)
as men say
Only fools
only fools rush in
But I, I
Can't help

C             G       
Fallin in love

Am                    F     
     In Love with you

(combinations of F, C, and G nake up the next part, I cant quite get it exactly though)

Key changes to Gm.  No real chords, just the solo.  Ends on Gsus4---G

Same as piano intro, and same chords in the verse.

Now I'm here with you little darling
And you say, you're beautiful as you are
And Ive managed somehow, to survive
You arrived in my life a fragrance
Helped me find a way to laugh
Now I know
How so called beauty lies
God gave him a face
And he gave me something above
God gave me grace
And he gave me sweet sweet sweet love.

Chorus, all the same.

Ending: F, Em, Dm, C (C) C.