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Baba O Riley Bass Tab

Baba O' Riley Live at Sheperton
This is the tab for the Live Version on the DVD the kids are alright.

Standered Tunning

Dont play Only Keyboard

Come in with Drums

I know its not the same as the studio version but its right.

PLay this the part right befor the vocals come in.
That last three on the D string play as the first note of the next riff.

After the vocals come in play this as verse and chours
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/w/who/baba_o_riley_btab.html ]
Play This right befor Pete sings
Flick that 5 with your index finger

No Bass Durring Petes singing

Come back in with this

And Then back to the Verse chours till the hermonica at the end.
play this

Were all wasted( listen to track for exact timing)

Play that note till the hermonica comes in then play this till the end

The End

I spent at least 2 weeks on this so leave me some coments .... please