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Portraits Chords

Wheeler Brothers - Portraits

Capo 6
C   Fmaj7

Verse 1:
C                                Fmaj7
Once you painted pictures in the cold basement you left 
C                               Fmaj7
Reading Edgar Allen and writing poems about your death 
C                                      Fmaj7
And how you filled the room with empty thoughts is beyond me 
           C                         Fmaj7
Find me dusty, find me dead, but just find me

F         C           Am     G       C
I need no witnesses to bury this old house 
F          C                       Am          G       C
And if you stay with me, well then there ain't no way out
C          Am   G        C
Yes, I'll bury this old house

C  Fmaj7

Verse 2:  
Sand and sunny skylines used to cure the tougher days 
It's funny how the weather can effect the world that way 
But when that junk has locked you up and Texas coast is not enough 
I want you to think back upon the portraits of your past


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G C (ring)   G C(ring)   F          F 
G C (ring)   G C(ring)   F          F        G  C

C  Fmaj7

Verse 3: 
You and I in this lonely room, With the cold AC and the horid food
Thin sheets and white walls, and that stupid backtie gown
now I read your books for you and I'll paint for you and I'll wait for you 
And I'll stay for you, my god we dont have money 


G  C       G C        F          F 
G  C       G C        F          F        G  C

Am                                               C      G
Well it's broken, it's scattered all across the floor
Am                                                 C                  G
I try to build it up baby, you're crying on the telephone through my bedroom door
Am                                                    C     G
And I'm shakin, I'm trying to find a place that I've known
Am                                                           C
I try to reach out to me, but it's a place I've never been before and no 
one's home

Am      C   G    x4

C   G  Am  Em  F  G  C C  x 4

C   Fmaj7