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Almost Always Never Chords

What Made Milwuakee Famous
Almost Always Never Chords

This is the tuning that is used on the album.

  C    Am         Dm        G
It’s something occasionally it
 C            Am     Dm                  G
subsides to nothing right there in front of
      C       Am                Dm           G
your eyes. I’d show you but it never happens when
     C      Am Dm G
you want it to

Chorus: (only the first time)
   C     E7    A#(bar 1st fret) Am
Almost always never makes the grade
   C     E7     A#                   F
Stupid lesson learned and statement made
What were you expecting?

(back to the C Am Dm G)

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Chorus part 2:
 C         E7       A#       Am
A selfish act of trickery betrayed
 C         E7       A#       Am
Only meant to turn your eyes away
   C             E7             A#                Am
From everything you’ve been so absorbed in these days
 C          E7          A#            F   Fm
I was only hoping maybe we could get away

Bridge: Am C Dm E7
             Am     C       Dm  E7
I thought I made it easy on you
              Am      C    Dm   E7
The answer’s just befell you
            Am     C
If you’re feeling bad
        Dm      E7
If you want it bad
            Am     C
If you’re feeling bad
        Dm      E7
If you want it bad

Back to the verse...

They have the lyrics on the web site. The chords I figured out. The A# bar chord (1st
gave me hell for a long time, but after listening to the CD over and over and then
carefully to the Austin City Limits show (the camera cuts his hands out of the frame at 
the right time to miss the chord) several times, I got the chord progression down.