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Love Is All Around Tab

Wet-Wet-Wet's - Love is all around

Hey! I was trying to find tabs for Love is all around, but all I found was not the same 
could here on the CD. So I decided to try to tab it myself. Here it is...
Enjoy it and send any comments to tadyda@email.cz
"Karlos" Karel Mares

Repeat on each verse, like this:

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/w/wet_wet_wet/love_is_all_around_tab_ver_2.html ]

I feel it in  my fin-gers,   I feel it in  m-y  toes
Well, love is all around me, and so the feeling grows
It's written on the wind, it's everywhere I go
So if you really love me, come on and let it show