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Far Wes Chords

FAR WES - Wes Montgomery (from album of same title)

Wes Montgomery was one of the true jazz guitar pioneers- pick up and absorb
as many of his recordings as you can get your hands on- they are all amazing!

"Far Wes" is a great example of Montgomery's creative use of the ii-V-I progression.
In this song, we hear the ii-V-I in a variety of interesting keys with a solid melody
(and later solos).  Note the way he goes thru the ii-V-I in one key, then alters the
last chord so it becomes the ii chord in a new key- amazing stuff!

Pick up the CD to get the melody down, play along with the chords or bass line, then
comp the chords and practice soloing over it.  Soloing scale suggestions:

ii- dorian scale (natural minor w/ raised 6th)
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/w/wes_montgomery/far_wes_crd.html ]
V-  you can use either the Mixolydian (major scale w/flat 7th) OR Wes likes to use
the diminished scale (half step- whole step- half step- whole step)- this is why he
likes to use the Dominant flat 9 a lot.

I- major scale or mixolydian  

Here are the chords- enjoy improvising some solos on this one!

Intro:	G#- C#; B - E; A - D; D# - G# 

Head (or chorus): (8 bars)

C# maj 7  - f#m7 (flat 5) - B (flat 9)- E maj 7 -Em7- A (flat 9)- D maj 7- D#m- G#7-  C#- E- d#m-  A- G#7  
(repeat head)

Verse: (8 bars)

C# m- C# m/B#- C#/B - C#/A# -Amaj7 (2 bars)- f#m7- B (sharp 9)- em7- A7- D#m7- G#7

Repeat head w/melody

head- (soloing over comped chords)

verse (solo over comped chords)

repeat head 2x (solos)

verse (solo)

repeat head 2x (solos)

verse (solo)

trade eights

repeat head w/melody

end- (same as 1st time thru w/cool altered chord @ end)