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I Can Love Chords

Band: Weezer
Song: I Can Love
Album: Red Album

This is the pre-order bonus song for the red album that can only be bought on iTunes. 
a great little demo for a song that hopefully appears on the next album or something. i 
figure out the solo, but the chords are 100% correct I believe. Enjoy.

Tuning: Half-Step Down (all chords are in relation to tuning)

   C D  E   F   Am  G  G2
e| x x  x   x   x   x  x
B| x x  x   x   x   x  x
G| 5 7  9   x   x   x  12
D| 5 5  7   3   7   5  12
A| 3 5  7   3   7   5  10
E| x x  x   1   5   3  x

C(x8)-E(x8)-G2(x8)-E(x4)-D(x4)---------| X2
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C         G                   F                   C
I didn't hope for much, I was used to how things were
      F                C        G          F         
Even though I was not sure, you say, I was throwing it all away
G   F        G         C
And I never learned to heal


C       E              G2
I can't believe what I see
E D       C            E           G2
After all this time it is meant to be
        Am       G        F
Help me believe, believe, believe
           Am   \
That I can love  \
      G           \
I can love         x2
      F           /
I can love       /
      G         /
I can love     /


I guess it goes to show, that you never should give up
Even when you're out of luck, you might, find an angel in your sight
Who turns everything around


Solo: C(x8)-G(x8) X6


End on C