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Blast Off Chords

E          A                  F#m
blast off! up to the stars we go
     B                  E        A
and leave behind everything i used to know
F#m                   B                     E
somebodys giving me a whole lot of money to do
what i think i want to
F#m         B             C#m
so why am i still feeling blue?
F#m            A6      G#7
oh what a time though
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E        A                         F#m
Goddamn! get your head out of your hand
B                 E                 A
here's to all the times we're gonna have
F#m                  B                         E          A        F#m 
cooped up for a year with the two best looking babes i've seen all year
B                        C#m
get me another bottle of beer
F#m               A6    G#7
cause i'm feeling fine

go ahead waste your head
      G              Em
we've got the time i hope you don't object if I
speak my mind

E        A                         F#m
"Don't forget the purpose of the mission
   B              E                 A
or Nomis will get swallowed by it's sun
F#m                  B                   E            A
each one of you is a top graduate of the Star Corps Academy
F#m        B                  C#m
it's up to you reach for your dreams
   F#m         A6       G#7
oh what a time though!"

go ahead and waste your life
i'm still in fear
i hope you dont object
if i crack another beer