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Automatic Tab

Here's a sweet new Weezer song that just leaked recently, me and a friend who we shall 
"The Thin White Duke" spent some time and tried tabbing it out...here's what we came up with:

Strum an A chord, whether you do it open or barred is all up to you

Here's the chords set to when the words are sung, follow along at your leisure. It's a 
playing them, but the chords are:

C       D       A
 How am I going to deliver you a
C        D       A
mountain size of love
C        D    A
 How the oceans connected by
C         D         A
straw get something  through

        C                   D
I might need sometime to remember
Need some time to remember

Post-Pre-chorus Picking Thing:(Kick the distortion/chorus/reverb pedals now!)
OpenC     OpenD     OpenA/G
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/w/weezer/automatic_tab.html ]
Chorus: Hey yeah! It's automatic when you feel it!

Verse 2:
Same as first, you're on your here for timing issues

Chorus: Same

Pre-chorus 2:
A   G        (weird harmonics, haven't figured them out yet)
Got some
G       F#  <--(chords here are picked)
I wanna feel it every
A  G (more weird harmonics, I'll get it eventually)
    G       F#      *(hit two big barred A chords here)
Cuz I wanna give it yoouuuu!!

Good luck on this one, it takes a few tries:

Chorus: same

Outro: Love this part
Play while a friend on another guitars strums C, D, A like the verses

Sorry if you disagree with some parts, please feel free to make your own tab if you 
we came up with anything wrong. Just remember to have fun playing this awesome new Weezer 
written by Patrick Wilson!