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I Dont Want It Chords

Great, easy song.

Intro/Bridge (The strum pattern is simple, so you can figure that out.)

E--7--2--3--0----| X2

Verse 1
Did we miss the moon?
    C                      D
I'd lie in your arms if I could
        C      G
Such a common pain
  C                       D     
Repeats itself again and again now

Chorus 1
D7                  G               Am                   D
Flowers grow in the springtime and leaves fall from the trees
D7                  G               Am               D
I've been down for so long, you just threw away the keys
       C                     (intro/bridge)
I understand it, but I don't want it

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Verse 2
I know it so well
      C                                D       
You tripped me and I laughed when you fell
            C             G
This isn't how it should be
      C                          D    
I've let you drift so far, from me now

Chorus 2
D7                      G                 Am              D
Please hold onto the memories before we really crash and burn
      D7                 G                      Am             D
We've got ourselves so wrapped up that we've forgotten how to learn
       C                     (intro/bridge)
I understand it, but I don't want it

Solo Chords (Same as verse and chorus.)
G C D C  
D7 G Am D
D7 G Am D



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