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From: Daniel Steinbock 
HIV Song  by WeeN
from Chocolate & Cheese
The song has two main riffs with "AIDS" & "HIV" interspersed,
if you have the cd you'll know what I'm talkin about.
|----------------------------------------------------------- x4
On this riff, bar the top 2 strings with first finger.
|------------------- x8
What Deaner Was Talkin' About solo, and kind of the main line riff
\=slide  ~=vibrato
|--3\-5-7-5-7---3\-5-7\-10~~~---8--7-8--7~~~--    \-5\-3----         
|---------------------------------------------  at---------- 
|--------------------------------------------- end---------- 
|---------------------------------------------  of---------- 
|---------------------------------------------    ---------- 
When I posted this, there was only one WeeN tab on nevada.  This must
change.  I'll make a strong effort to post all the WeeN songs I know.
-may B00GNiSH have his way with you-

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