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Baby Dont Be Afraid Chords

Baby Don't Be Afraid - by Gene Ween
listen to song for timing

Intro:  F# B x4

Verse:   F# C#
            C# B F#
            C# B F#
            C# B

Bridlge: C# D A C#
             C# D A F# B   (not sure if the F# B is right, but it sounds right)

F#                     C#
baby don't be afraid
     C#         B           F#
cause afraid is just an emotion
     C#           B     F#
a harmless little feeling
                     C#         B
so don't be afraid

Baby don't turn around
cause everybody is laughing
pointing their little fingers
so don't turn around

you've got to look your best
their gonna criticize you
that might make you scared
but don't be afraid
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I can't believe how fat
you've become over the winter
you look like a bloated whale
but don't be afraid 

C#                                   D
You were born from a loving place
A                                 C#
smiles on the faces above
painting fences on the greenest lawn
A                          F#       B
dog lick peanuts and checkers

So… Baby don't look so sad
cause somebodies become your master
just do exactly what he says
and you'll be ok

I wouldn't take off my towel
when lounging around the poolside
someone might see your thighs
and think you're big

just practice a selfless mind
and preserve your inner nature
take off your bathing suit 
and let your journey begin

C#                      D
Feel your skin and pleasure yourself 
A                    C#
love is a natural cure
C#                                  D
peel the green by the willow tree
A                         F#        B
cat lip marble and honey bee