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Alone Tab

			                        Alone - Ween
Tabbed by: SyntheticSocks

Tuning: Standard EADGBE


E |===========================================================
B |====================================================
G ===========================================================
D =====================1=2==2=1=======================1=3=4====
A |=2=1==========1=4==4==========4=2==2=1==========1=4=======4==
E |=====4=2==2=4==========================4=2==2=4==============
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/w/ween/alone_tab.html ]
         F#     C#      E         B
When the life inside no doubt has died
            F#          C#    B
Then you've turned your head around
    F#       C#         E          B
You tried to pay at the end of the day
     F#    C#     F#
It's you, again, alone

Alone confined, the mess in your mind
And you can't relate to them
You've reaped and sewn, but little is known
By those who aren't alone

Why should a man learn not again
What he has learned before
He's overcome but must succumb
To what he's living for

He tried and tried although survived
He missed he's falling short
The little known, his heart of stone
Will make him feel alone