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Nine Days Chords

Weekend Excursion

Nine Days

Tabbed by JD Wilson

G     = 320033
Em    = 022033
Cadd9 = 032033
D     = 000232
Dsus4 = 000233

G – Em – D – Dsus4 – Em – G – D – Em – Dsus4     x 2

G      Em          Cadd9     Dsus4
When I saw you for the first time

G                  Em                Cadd9     Dsus4
I could have never dreamed of having you by my side

G          Em       Cadd9        Dsus4
But when I held you for the last time

G                  Em                 Cadd9    Dsus4
It hurt so much to realize what I was leavin’  behind


G                   Dsus4
But I'm thinkin’ of you

Dsus4                        G
I hope you're thinkin’ 'bout me

G                 Dsus4
In hopes that one day

Dsus4          G
A couple we'll be

G               Em
And if we don’t meet

Em                Cadd9                Dsus4
I'll remember the times that we've had together

G                  Dsus4               G             
Yes I'm singing to you to set my heart free

G          Dsus4                   G
Travel the distance 'tween you and me
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/w/weekend_excursion/nine_days_crd.html ]
G               Em
Through all the tears 

Em             Cadd9                Dsus4
I remember the times that we've had together

G – Em – D – Dsus4 – Em – G – D – Em – Dsus4

G           Em     Cadd9       Dsus4
Well I'm on my way to a better life

G       Em   Cadd9   Dsus4
So they say, so they know

G       Em             Cadd9       Dsus4
Into my future I leave friends far behind

G             Em        Cadd9      Dsus4
That's what's expected, So I       go


G – Em – D – Dsus4 – Em – G

G – Dsus4 – G – Dsus4  x 4

G            Dsus4
Well call me crazy

G             Dsus4
For what I do tonight

G          Em  
If I don't take my chances

Cadd9                  Dsus4
I won't go home feelin right

G                   Dsus4
Cause the things we never do

G                      Dsus4    
Cause lookin back in a year or two

G              Em
I'll wish that I'd made true

Cadd9                 Dsus4
All the words I never said to you


G – Em – D – Dsus4 – Em – G – D – Em – Dsus4     x 2
After 2nd Run End with G