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Pamphleteer Chords

Capo 3rd fret.


G - C - G
C - G - D
G - D - E - D - C

G			C		G
I'm standing on this corner.
C		      G		       D
Can't get their attention.
G	       D	 	      E	        D	                 C
Facing rush hour faces turned around.

G			C		G
I clutch my stack of paper
C		      G		       D
press one to a chest then 
G	                   D	             E	        D	                 C
watch it swoop and stutter to the ground.

G			C		G
I'm weary with right-angles
C		 G             D
abbreviated daylight
G	                    D         E	          D	         C
and waiting for a winter to be done.

G		C		G
Why do I still see you
C                           G		     D
in every mirrored window
G	                 D	         E	         D	                 C
in all that I could never overcome?
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 	C			    G    
How I don't know what I should do 
       C				G
with my hands when I talk to you.
      C					  G
How you don't know where you should look 
     D             C     G
so you look at my hands.
       C				         G
How movements rise and then dissolve 
 C                       G
melted by our shallow breath.
        C 			 G
How causes dance away from me.
   D          Am         C         D          G
I am your pamphleteer.

G			C	           G
I walk this room in time to 
C	                         G	       D
the beat of the Gestetner
G	                    D	 	  E	           D        C
contemplate my next communique.

G			C	        G
The rhetoric and treason
C	                         G	       D
of saying that I'll miss you
G	                            D	            E	           D                 C
Of saying "Hey, well maybe you should stay."

          C   			G			C
Sing "Oh what force on earth could be weaker than the 
  G 			     C
feeble strength of one"
		 G                    D                       Am  G
like me remembering the way it could have been.
 C                        G
Help me with this barricade
C                    G
No surrender. No defeat.
C 				 G
A spectre's haunting Albert Street.
   D          Am         C         D          G
I am your pamphleteer.