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Maryland Bridge Chords

Okay, Maryland Bridge (I implemented my guitar lesson skills) I think goes
something like this:

key of Dmaj, and he started it off with the relative minor to be

Bm                      G
I woke you up at four this morning
E                       A
To whimper and to whine
Bm                              G
To hear myself through spit and crackle
E                               A
Of a poor long distance line

(etc of the verse)
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/w/weakerthans/maryland_bridge_crd_ver_2.html ]
D        A                      Bm
By the way, I got your letter yesterday
                   G                   E
It said there's no need to be sad
D                                        Bm
It said that some things would never ever change
          E                A
But that some already had
D         A                       Bm
And I'd heard it from the corner of my ear
  G                        E
How that voice makes things right
D                                       Bm
And I'm sure there's something more than memory
       E         A        D
Across the Maryland bridge tonight