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Manifest Chords

Capo 4
Standard Tuning

The intro is the A chord over and over with an E mixed in
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/w/weakerthans/manifest_crd.html ]
  A                                      E
i want to call requests through heating-vents,
    D                                     A
and hear them answered with a whispered, "no."
   A                                  E
to crack the code of muscle, slacken, tense.
    D                             A
let every second step in boots on snow
A                                       E
complete your name with accents i can't place,
     D                           A
that stumble where the syllables combine.
     A                             E
take depositions from a stranger's face.
      D                      A
paint every insignificance a sign.

   D                                E
so tell me nothing matters, less or more.
A                               D
say, "whatever we think actions are,
      D                            E
we'll never know what anything was for."
    A                           D
if "near is just as far away as far,"

        A                       E
and i'm permitted one act i can save,
  D                                  A
i choose to sit here next to you and wave.

The outro is just these four chords over again.