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Crossin Dixie Chords

intro: A E D 

verse 1:
A                   E                 D
 Tired of my surroundings, I need a little time away from home
A                      E                      D
 Tired of livin that narrow road, I got the urge to roam
A                  E                D 
 I packed up my saddle bags, I'm headin on down the line
A                       E                     D
 Lookin back on that little town, Lord I'm leavin it far behind.

                    A             E           D
 As I was crossin dixie thinkin that I, I'd never see her again
           A              E           D 
 Crossin dixie I got my steel horse laid back in the wind
         A                    E              D
 Those fields I plowed and starry nights I know I'm sure to miss
                 A             E               D
 How could the best of old Milwaukee be any better than this
                    A    E D   A E D
 As I was crossin dixie
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verse 2:
           A                  E           D 
 I took a left on that old highway, determined to give it my best
          A                E                   D
 With an open mind and a world of time I was headin west
        A        E              D
 The Calarado Rockies started comin into view
               A         E             D   
 It was like nothin I'd ever seen, or ever knew

                    A              E            D  
 As I was crossin Denver, thinkin that I, I'd found me a new home
           A             E      D  
 Crossin Denver now I realized, why I decided to roam
        A               E                  D 
 Some people say it's heaven, and by the looks I could agree
          A               E                     D 
 It took lots of time for me to find that it's much to high for me

         Bm                      A                        G             
 Cause theres somethin bout a southern wind while it's whistlin through the 
           Bm                 A                     G             D   
 And the mighty arms of the great white oaks been holdin me just fine
  Bm                           A                        G          D     
 Theres somethin bout a southern bell that always keeps me in line
         Bm                    A                     G          D  
 And it all came clear as my horse was nearin that mason dixon line

                    A     E               D                    
 As I was crossin dixie comin home, I'm comin home to stay
           A                  E            D              
 Crossin dixie I learned my lesson in the time I was away
                A     E D  
 Bout crossin dixie

A E D through end