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Grass Stain Chords

Waxahatchee - Grass Stain. Awesome song by an awesome girl.
Play the root not first then pick the other two notes and that's the whole song

D5    A5    G5
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D5    A5    G5
I don't care.
D5    A5    G5
I'll embrace all of my vices,
D5    A5    G5
and I will black it out,
D5    A5    G5
or at least slow everything down.
E5                 G5
And I'll fish for compliments
E5                 G5
and I'll drink until I'm happy
E5                 G5             A5
and I'll wonder what you're doing but I won't call.

Not sure if it should go in Misc Unsigned Bands, but here's a couple links and 
she's signed on Plan-it-X

That's the whole thing. Repeat it all for the choruses and you're good.