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In  eamon@netcom.com (Charles E Taggart) writes:
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/w/waterboys/this_is_the_sea_tab.html ]
>Sorry to post yet another REQ, but the subject says it all. Anybody got
>this one?  Perhaps it's just laziness, but I'd rather see if someone else
>has figured this one out before starting to slog through it myself. 
>Currently working on "When Will We Be Married" from FISHERMAN'S BLUES, and
>will post it if there's interest.

     Now, do not quote me on this, and I'm not very good on chord names
and I do not know the song too well but here is how I reckon it.

   E-----Eadd9----Asus2----Asus2 twidly bit...

   Hey, that explains loads!!! 

now to explain the chords cos I know I named them incorrectly.

   E   as a normal E

    Eadd9    ---------------------

   Asus2     --------

  The twidly bit is done by playing Asus2 and droping on to the bottom 
 e (high) string on and off  i.e.


  you see, on and off on the bottom string.

  And repeat and nauseum!!!

     I know this is probably the worst tab ever seen on the group,
   but if you have any problem or know what the real names of the chords
are, do post!!!