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Yeah Brother Chords

Song: YEAH BROTHER (acoustic version)
Artist: Warp 11
Album: Red Alert

Transcribed by Matthew Choat ( moc0007@gmail.com )
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Intro: A---D---A---D
I'm like Odo, I'm jelly
I've got a slug in my belly
A                              D
I can say “he's dead, Jim” like DeForest Kelly
I'm like Scotty when I party
'Cause I need more time
To get with all the honeys
At least seven of nine
So give me Tranya, I'm on ya
And I'm gonna Wrath of Kahn ya
A                              D
You'll head now to Eden when I put my boot on ya
A (Strum once)
Yeah yeah yeah yeah brother
G          A
Feel my tachyon
G                     A
I'm on your ass like a pissed off Klingon
G                       A
Warp core overload
G(Strum once)                         A---D---A---D
Prime directive gonna make my dick explode
Verse 2: A---D---A---D
I'm like Kirk
I flirt with bitches not of this earth
I've been killed so many times I should wear a red shirt
Got a cock named Spock
Emotions in a jar
I go psycho every seven years if I don't get to Pon Farr
So when I beam down
I put the ream down
A miser from Risa
Because I never spread the cream round
Like a Klingon with a hard on 
Captain never let me get my mother fuckin’ thing on

::Repeat Chorus::
A                       D
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Brother (x4)