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An Idea About Mary Chords

Wallis Bird - An idea about Mary

Note: This version is massively simplified and probably wrong in some places. Just 
email morthel@hotmail.com with corrections if you find any errors.

Capo 4th fret

Mystery chord (marked as ?)= 200230


Em Bm G ? G G/A

  Em		      Bm
A sailor a sailor did drown my heart
                G          D            G D 
because of your thunderous wave goodbye
and I never saw you sleeping
in your matching shoes
     G          D                    G        D
So a part of me still thinks you're alive

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and if my mam is feeling better
we'll take some sandwiches for the road
          G                                D
and we'll drive into the lights on the way home
and my dad talks about the weather
says 'the arse is falling out of the sky'
    G                     A
the day that mary died    Oooh

   D      G    A   D         
Oh lover! I've got plenty 
   G        A    Bm
so why do I feel like 
     G     A
I've got nothing
   D      G   A  D       G   A    Bm
oh lover! i'm so empty - who am I now?
G       A                Bm
tell me who i'm going to be
G       A            Em
or just give me back me 

Em Bm G ? G G/A

   Em                     Bm
My saviour is braver than I can be
               G           D            G D      
taking all the weapons out of my mind
      Em                       Bm
and I sing for my supper but I sing for me
     G             D            G       D
so a part of me is aching to survive