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Nearly Beloved Chords

Nearly Beloved by The Wallflowers
words and music by Jakob Dylan

G D Em
C D Em

G              D                  Em
Last night I dreamt one thousand lives
                  C                D            Em
I could see the dawn through a different set of eyes
G              D             Em
There in my slumber passing time
               C       D             Em
Long live the world resting on its side

               C           G
I walked the orchard with you
       D        Em
Your hand in my mine
C             G            B7
In the evergreens drinking wine
           Em           D                        C      G
I saw the snow fall in black and white from the auburn sky
       B7                                  Em
Last night I lived more than one thousand lives
      D            G
Not one of them survived
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Up through the earth and dawn I came
I crossed the kingdom through venom pouring rain
In the vacuum of my own brigade
Resurrected to make you mine again

Orpheus looked back once, she sailed the underworld
No second chances will be earned
I have returned as a phantom now to walk the bow and stern
       B7                                  Em
Last night I lived more than one thousand lives
      D            C
Not one of them survived

Em                       Bm
If we could do better I know that we would
C                          G         D
Maybe admit it now, we're not that good
Em                          Bm
We keep the needle between zero and one
C                            G          D        C
You play your fiddle, baby, I'll play dumb

Into the pastures of our minds
Goes my nearly beloved and I
Blazing two parallel white lines
Through this broken heart spilled open wide

Time might be on my side
But it's mostly far behind
I was the apple of your eye
Now I'm the boy spinning on a wheel there stuck with knives
Last night I lived more than one thousand lives
Not one of them survived