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I Am A Building Chords

I am a Building by the Wallflowers
words and music by Jakob Dylan

Capo V

Bm               G
I'm here by my window
D                    A
I am waiting for your parade
Bm            G
I will salute you
D                           A
From above the crowd as you make your way
You won the battle
You've won the war
I admit it now
Dsus            D     G
I could not give any more
My condition is your reward
I am A building
A             Bm
Here without doors
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The altitude is now
Getting to me
As they applaud you
On the boulevard
The whole valley looks like
Someone's body
All the people look like
Little scars
This day is taking
I will never say
Never say never again
The flesh around me
Is only pretend
Return to sender
Every letter
That is yours
I am sure
That I am a building
A            Bm
Here without doors

Fire blazing
On the overpass
Cattle grazing
In fields of dead grass
Last summer was earthquake weather
By November
This too should have passed
I am not moving
I am landlocked
I am looking through
A thousand windows spread across
A thousand floors
There in a landfill
Where Eden was before
But not anymore
I am A building
Here without doors

D                                   G
Did you see me waving to you from above
Things are looking clear now
D                                                G
My eyes are wide enough to see the way a sniper does
Behind the barrel of a good gun

the uh huh's use the same chords aa verse

For worse or better
I surrender
It may not matter
But I'm sadder than you'll ever know
I am your inferno
Here all in yellow
With embers blowing north
No sense in returning
I'm not worried anymore
I am A building
That is here without doors
I am A building
That is here without doors