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Hand Me Down Chords

Hand Me Down
By The Wallflowers
Tabbed by Dan Cobb

I know there's another set of chords up but this version is at Capo 4 without
  all the bar chords for those of us who just play for fun.. Also, I like to
  end the song on the Bm for dramatic effect :] but he doesn't do that in
  the original

Capo 4


G           D      A    D     A
  You won't ever amount to much
G           A     D       D A
  You won't be anyone
G             D            A         D  A
  Now tell me what you were thinking of how could you
G           A           Bm
  think you would be enough

** Bridge:
     G           A        Bm
It's not that you have stayed too long
         G           A          Bm
And it's not that you've done something wrong
     Em                        G             A
It's not your fault that you embarrass yourself

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/w/wallflowers/hand_me_down_crd_ver_2.html ]
** Chorus:
You're a hand me down
It's better when you're not around
You feel good and look like you should
But you won't ever make us proud

G             D          A    D        A
  You've been used by an army of kings You've been
G                A         D         D A
  touched by the lips of a queen
G              D           A  D      A
  Now we've all made good use of you but you
G          A        Bm
  won't be needed again

       G          A             Bm
So why don't you move and let someone else in
    G           A          Bm
And make some room for a new harlequin
           Em                          G           A
'cause you never know when you'll disappoint us again

Chorus x2
D  A     Bm    
Hand me down

    G        A             Bm
Now look at you with your worn out shoes
G         A      Bm
Living proof evolution's through
      Em                  G              A
We're stuck with you This revolution's doomed

Chorus x2