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Empire Of My Mind Chords

Empire Of My Mind
words and music by Jakob Dylan
Bonus track of Red Letter Days (2002)
AND theme song from ďThe GuardianĒ
(Like most Wallflower songs, lyrics are somewhat
hard to make out.)Questions? Comments? ickis@netnet.net



Em	                  C
There is trouble in my mind
D5	   	                              C
There is dark, there is dark and there is light
Em                         C
Lay your hands over my eyes
D5	                                       C
Cause I look deep, through valleys deep and wide
C/b		     Am
Across the borderline
D5                      Em
For the empire of my mind

(Start doing this during Emís)

B---------- E
G---------- C
D--2--2--2- T
A-2--2--2-- .
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You are the reason I donít sleep
You are alive, breaking through the leaves
You know how hard I try, 
to believe I have something good inside
Over barracades I climb
For the empire of my mind

I have no love somwhere in time
Iíve been lifted up
Iíve looked honor in the eyes
I have no reason, I have no right
I cannot deny thereís a darkness inside
Iím guilty by desire
And now I realize
The temptations make me glide
To the empire of my mind
	Em	            C
	There is no order
	C/b	        Am
	There is chaos
	And there is crime
	There is no one alone tonight
	With the empire of my mind

There is no distance I donít see
I do have a will no minute to my breach
I wish I would, I wish i might
See a line tonight, seperating wrong from right
Some are only ones you try
Maybe thatís the reaosn why
Iím afraid someday iíll die
with the empire of my mind