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138th Street Chords

G: e-x : Am: e-x : Bm: e-x : C: e-x  D: e-x  : D*: e-x  : G(2): e-x  : 
   b-3       b-5       b-7      b-8     b-10       b-13         b-12
   G-4       g-5       G-7      G-9     G-11       G-11         G-12
   d-5       D-7       D-9      D-10    D-12       D-x          D-12
   a-5       a-7       a-9      a-10    a-12       a-12         a-10
   e-x       e-x       e-x      e-x     e-x        e-x          e-x 
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Cmaj7: e-x  : e*: e-x  
       b-8        b-8
       G-9        G-9
       D-9        D-7
       a-10       a-7
       e-x        e-x

Intro: G      

Verse: Am     Bm       C              D 
       I hear that you got yourself a house
       G            Am             Bm              D 
       And all your friends you've finally figured out

Chorus:        D*         G(2)
        You go out in the night
                    C      Cmaj7    e*
        Till you've got no place to go
(With High e string)        Bm
                            Someday when you turn around
                            G               G 
                            You'll take a wife and start a life
(With High e string)        G(2)     Bm Am    
                            It won't be long

(Repeat)-(All Chords already shown above)