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Here's Tom Waits' "San Diego Serenade" from "the heart of saturday night"
released in 1974 (or was it '78??):

San Diego Serenade    (Tom Waits)
(the song is in 3/4)

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Db/Gb   Abm7/Db    Bbm7/Eb    Cb9/Db
======  ======     ======     ======
||||||  ||||||  6th||***|     ||||||
||||||  ||||||     ||||||     ||||**
||||||  ||||||     |*||||     ||||||
|*|**|  ||***|     ||||||     |***||
||||||  ||||||
||*|||  |*||||


  Cb  Db Gb
%|/ / / |///|%

Gb            Bb7             Ebm7          Gb    Gb7
Never saw the morning, 'til I stayed up all night
Cb          Db/Gb|Abm/Db|Bbm/F#     Gb          Ebm7   Gb7
Never saw the sunshine, 'til you turned out the light
Cb          Db/Gb|Dbsus4|Db     Gb             Ebm7  Gb7
Never saw my hometown, until I stayed away too long
Cb          Db/Gb|Dbsus4|Db     Cb9  Cb9/Db Gb
Never heard the melody, 'til I needed the song

Never saw the white line , 'til I was leaving you behind
Never knew I needed you, 'til I was caught up in a bind
Never spoke I love you, until I cursed you in vain
Never felt my heart-strings, 'til I really went insane

Never saw the east coast 'til I moved to the west
Never saw the moonlight, until it shone of your breast
Never saw your heart, 'til someone tried to steal it away
Never saw your tears, until they rolled down your face


Johan Kristian Sveen
University of Oslo, Norway
Dept. of Mechanics