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Sundirtwater Chords

Key E Flat - Put Capo on 6th Fret

[Am] Would you trade me for all the pretty girls
all the ones who came before?
Who left you broken hearted
with your back up against the wall.
Would you cash in all your high times
for some [E7] lasting company?
Or a [Am] warm soft [C] breast for you to [D] lay your [F] head on
for [E7] all of eternity. [Am]
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If you are [E7] holding out for [Am] something
Just [E7] reach and we'll rise above.
Give me [Am] sun, give me [C] dirt give me [D] water [F]
give me [E7] sweet everlasting love. [Am]

[Am] Would you travel right across the world
to meet a woman that you didn't know?
If you thought that she might be the one
to put your roots down with and grow.
Would you take her hand and walk with her
through the [E7] narrow gate of life
[Am] Gather your [C] load, prepare to [D] travel the road [F]
that's gonna [E7] lead you from trouble and strife [Am]