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Whiskey Chords

Artist: Voxtrot
Song: Whiskey & Water

Intro: Em - D - C (x3) - G

 G         D         C   
   Please send me a sign
           G               B
And set me up against the rain
             Em       D      C
And give me something I can trust
In all the drama of change

 G     D          C
    I followed a dream
          G              B
And if a man is born to fall
             Em     D        C
Then let me live against my creed
In all the filth of it all

           C        G 
And I can drink my whiskey and water
         B        Em
And fix folly in peace
Cos there's a price you pay 
    G                           D
To live this way, its called a release

 G          D        C
   Please drop me a line
             G              B
And send me love and sun to boot
          Em   D        C
Cos I am idle drunk and well 
Busy with nothing to do

 G       D       C 
   This body is cold
           G              B
I have to make the grade alone
            Em       D      C
Cos I have traveled far to find
I need a room of my own

Where I can 
Break kindly with Fortune
     B                  Em
Cos she's something to be
               C               G   
She's spending Saturdays in the Baltic
With the SSP

       C          G
And I am charged guilty as sin
         B              Em 
Because it hurts me to know
That she is working so hard
    G                D
But for the joy of stock control

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Instrumental verse:
G - D - C - G - B
Em - D - C - D - C - G

         G      D        C
But let me sing out to myself
            G                 B
And polish off these bottled cries
              Em       D       C
And send them down to Saville Row
Cos I'm not ready to die

  G         D        C
But I, I'm ready to live
       G                B       
Can I make it out with pride
          Em       D         C     
Play the left wing let down king
Put out there something to hide

     C         G          
And I can run to you for cover and 
  B             Em
We'll bury the dread
              C                 G
And when the time has come for leaving
I will love you instead

         C          G
Oh won't you sing something in minor key
 B                 Em
This stillness is bleak
             C              G  
Oh could we dream away the guilt 
We have for the working week

              C               G
oh and in the warm arms of a stranger I'm
 B           Em 
Too happy to lie
              C              G
I know we've both been here before
Just please don't ask me why

And I have
Walked here with you close to me
 B         Em
But never alone
                C                 G
But won't you cling to me in the major key
All the joy I've known 
All the joy I've known 
         G        C
Oh  the joy I've known (x4)
   G       C  
Lalalala-lalala (x3)
Lalala la