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Start Of Something Chords

Voxtrot - The Start Of Something Chords

Couldnt find the chords to this song anywhere on the net. Such a great simple song, hope 

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Standard Tuning, No Capo

    Ab   Cm   Bbm   Db   Eb   Fm
E   4    8    6     9    6    8
G   4    8    6     9    8    9
B   5    8    6     10   8    10
D   6    10   8     11   8    10
A   6    10   8     11   6    8
E   4    8    6     9    x    x

Ab                             Cm
 This time of night I could call you up

         Bbm                          Db
I'd get angry with athletic ease, break common laws in twos and threes

Ab                      Eb
If I die clutching your photograph

                 Bbm                     Db
Don't call me boring, It's just 'cause I like you

Ab                                        Cm
Well, Take me on back Take me on back and take me back

To the place where I could feel your heart

Is this the end or just the start of

Ab                         Eb
Something really, really beautiful

Bbm                      Db
Wrapped up and disguised as something really, really ugly,

Won't you...

Db   Db Db  Ab             Cm           Fm
Come by and see me, I'm a love letter away

           Db                   Ab             Cm        Cm7
I'd break your name before I'd say, "I really love you, love you, "

Db               Ab                  Cm          Fm
I don't care if you saw, I watched every inch of film

     Db                Ab
Flash across your Roman features,

       Cm         Cm        Fm
And I loved it, loved it; I don't care if

Ab                        Cm
You think I'm eager to shut your eyes, well

     Bbm                            Db
I'm sorry-everybody knows you can't break me with your gutter prose

Ab                     Eb
Would you believe it, she sent me a letter,

      Bbm                             Db
The ring, it nearly weighs her down, she's got another boy, oh boy
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Ab                                      Cm
Steady your ears Steady your ears and read my lips

     Bbm                Db
Poetry is not a luxury, it's how I'll break this home

 Ab                  Eb
And when I'm really ill, won't you cradle me?

          Bbm                     Db
Man is not a noble animal, but maybe woman is, remember,

I heard you...

Db Db   Db   Ab                   Cm        
In-side your room, you said, "You never really live
           Db                   A                 Cm     Cm7
Until your back's against the wall, " oh did you really mean it?

Db       Ab                Cm               Fm       
I never break my gaze, if just to see this scar remain reflected in your eyes
Ab           Cm       Cm
I think it's time to go home

GUITAR SOLO    Use same progression as verse (Ab Cm Bbm 
 Ab Eb Bbm Db)

     Ab                                                  Cm
Oh, tell me your thoughts, tell me your thoughts on liberty,

              Bbm                    Db
See there's a place where I sink to sleeping

Ab                 Eb
Oh, my vote is as red as my blood

         Bbm                         Dc
Will you join me for another round? I haven't had the chance to speak yet

God speed...

Db Db    Db  Ab              Em             
I  break the law once every week to feel your touch,

         Db              Db              Cm      Cm7
What's a book to you in bed, Do you feel better, older?

Dm                 Ab                 Cm               Fm
This just makes me ill, your name is dripping from my pen

       Db                   Ab
Still you're not around to curse,
      Cm      Cm         Fm
I'll drop the gun now, I'm still under you...


Fm  Db repeated

Ab                             Fm
Marianne, let the ghosts sleep tonight.
Ab                                    Fm
Marianne, let the ghosts sleep, just shut your eyes and burn the past away