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Only You Chords

Song – Only You
Artist – Vineyard
Tabbed by Craig Harvey (

Verse –

G	         A	m	       D	               C		   G		Am
No one but You Lord can satisfy this longing in my heart

G      	        Am	    D		      C		       G		Am	
Nothing I do Lord can take the place of drawing near to You

Chorus – 

Em		C		D
Only You can fill my deepest longing

Em		C		      D
Only You can breathe in me new life

Em		C		     D
Only You can fill my heart with laughter

Em		C		      G		Am
Only You can answer my heart’s cry

Verse – 
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G	   Am		      D		C		G	Am
Father, I love You, come satisfy the longing in my heart

G		Am	      D		   	C		   G	Gsus4		G
Fill me, overwhelm me, until I know Your love deep in my heart

Solo –