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Morning Stars Chords

VIKING - MORNING STARS [Gloucester Road, 2005]
(the chords have been given to me by
Viking herself!)

D				Dmaj9
The first colours of the dawn
G		     G/F# 
the first drops of dew
Em		A
petals open looking for the Sun
Em		A11
your child's eyes open looking for you
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D		  Gm
Everything happens tomorrow
Em		   A
by tomorrow is not so far
D		  Gm
Everything happens tomorrow
Em		   A		 Em		   A
and tomorrow is here now, here now

Bm              G
We're morning stars
Bm              G
we're morning stars
Bm              G
resist the whole night
G                 A         Bm G Em  A
and bring back the day