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Homecoming Chords


G           G                     C                   G
it's desert ice outside but this diner has thawed my ears
     G           C                    G                        D
hot coffee in a clean white mug and a smile when the waitress hears
           Em                   C
that I was born in North Caro - lina
not an hour from her home town
        C                     G                  D
and we used to play the same pizza parlor pin - ball

G              G                   C            G           
and there's a glance in time sus - pended as I wonder how it is
G                            C               G                D
we've been swept up just by circumstance to where the coyote lives
          Em                 C
where my days are strips of highway
and she's wiping tables down
C                     G                D
holding on and still waiting for that windfall

           G    C       G
but I've    come home
G                      C             G    D
even though I've never had so far to go
G    C        G
I've    come home

G                    C                       G
I pay the check and leave the change from a crumpled ten-dollar bill
                             C           G               D
head across the street where VACANCY is burning in neon still
         Em                C
well the night eats up my body heat
and there's no sign of another
       C                    G              D
and I find myself slipping down into that black
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G               C                      G               G
but things are good I've got a lot of followers of my faith
                           C            G                 D
I've got a whole congre - gation living in my head these days
         Em                 C
and I'm preaching from the pulpit
   G           C
to cries of "Amen brother"
C                   G                    D
closing my eyes to feel the warmth come back

G    G    C       G     D
and I've    come home
      G                   C             G      D
even though I swear I've never been so alone
G      C       G
I've     come home

 G                 Em            C
I just want to be living as I'm dying
just like everybody here
                             C                          G
just want to know my little flicker of time is worth - while
       Em                    C
and I don't know where I'm driving to
but I know I'm getting old
               C                G             D
and there's a blessing in every moment every mile

G           C                        G
thin white terry bars of soap and a couple little plastic cups
G                         C                        G          D
old Gideons Bible in the nightstand drawer saying "Go on open up"
           Em                C
well I'll kneel down on the carpet here
          G                 G
though I never was sure of God
            C                       G              D
think to - night I'll give Him the benefit of the doubt

G                            C                     G
I switch off the lights and imagine that waitress outlined in the bed
G                         C
her hair falling all a - round me
        G                  D
I smile and shake my head
        Em                 C
well we all write our own endings
and we all have our own scars
          C               G                     D
but to - night I think I see what it's all a - bout

G        G   C       G    D
because I've   come home
G    C       G
I've   come home