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Dragon Soul Chords

This is the introduction to Dragonball Z Kai sung by Vic Mignogna (voice of Brolly 
from DBZ and Ed Elric from FMA)

I figured this out from memory of the song, so if you want the correct key, put a 
capo on 3 (I think)

    A                       G
Mysteries abound made of a deep energy
 F#m                        Bm               E
Foes all around, But I will go fearless and free.
 A                                   G           
I'll give you strength, You give me love. That's how we'll live. 
  F#m                               Bm                D     E
Courage won't fade. If you're with me, my enemies can never win.

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F#m               D               E                A       Ab
We will fight for love and glory. We will live to tell the story.
F#m              D                          Bm         D           
There is nothing we can't live through - Nothing ever dies; we will rise 

 A                       E
Don't stop, don't stop! We're in luck now!
  F#m                   D
Don't stop, there's so much to be found
Bm           A
We can find paradise,
Bm                  E                  D
All you have to is go! GO! Free your soul
 E      A
Dragon Soul