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From: (Starkid79)
Date: 8 Aug 1995 18:23:47 -0400
Subject: CRD: GET BACK by Veruca Salt

VERUCA SALT - Get back (N. Gordon)
from the album "American Thighs"
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Verse 1:
  A            G
  I'm spinning out
    D        C
  I can't control my car

  It doesn't matter if you think you might be, you are
  I misplaced it
  I don't know where it's at
  and I could find but
  I'd never get it back


  A   C    F
              Don't get it back
              don't get it back
  A            C
  the more you want it
     the less you're gonna get back

Verse 2:
I'm running out
I don't know when to stop
I thought I'd wait until I saw the penny drop
It started raining and it's falling in my lap
and I can spend it but
I'd never get it back