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On The Sea Tab

Standard tuneing, no capo


Dm, Bb, C, (several times) 

This is the opening Dm chord to the song and the intro. 


Dm    Bb     C  

e 5-  -5-  -1-  -3-     
b 5 h-6-  -1-  -3-    
g 7- -7-  -3-  -5-     
d 7- -7-  -3-  -5-     
a 5-  -5-  -1-  -3-     
E- x   x   -x-  -x-     

 hammer on and off of 6th fret as can be heard in the song. 

 Dm                                                          Bb               C 
No fog clear in the moonlight, the stars shine so bright now's the time, 

I close my eyes, soft wind, touching my face, 

                                 Bb                  C 
cool sand upon the place where I once kissed you, and held you close 
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Bb             C            Dm C  Bb          C                      Dm  C       e 
Now I will reach for the stars,      oh my love, that's where you are 


  F     Gm      Am 

e-1-    -3-    -5- 
b-1-    -3-    -5- 
g-2-    -3-    -5- 
d-3-    -5-    -7- 
a-3-    -5-    -7- 
E-1-    -3-    -5- 

F                          Gm 
Though the storms and black night rage on, 

   Am                   Bb              C        F 
I still see your face, still feel your lips on mine. 

F                        Gm 
Though my heart feels all alone without you, 

   Am                         Bb                C          Dm 
I still hear you sing to me, still hear your voice on the sea. 


The mid-section of the song is Dm, Bb, C . Also can be intro chords, if including  The
 "Lay you downs" are Dm, Bb, C twice into the verses.