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Heart In Hand Chords

Intro: Bb-F/A-C-;(2x)

Bb                              F/A
I know it's been a long road
To get these fears behind me and I
Bb                                 F/A
Will gladly reap what we may sow I am
There for you and you're there for me
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Bb                        C
Pictures and photographs
Gm                      F
Memories and windows
Bb                        C
Goodbyes and epitaphs
Gm                       C
Heartbeats and hellos

Are you waiting for
Heart in hand
Bb                 C
Woman and man
F             C                   Bb
See me where I stand I am..heart
C           Bb-F/A-C-
Heart in hand

these fields may hold a haunting ground
but the wolves are far behind me and I
fear the howls and the distant sound
of the messengers lost at sea

into the morning light
followed by madness
reach through the empty fight
searching through sadness