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Goodbye Again Chords

Song: Goodbye Again

Album: Go 2.0

Tuning: Standard E

Tabbed by Omanox (

There were no decent tabs for this song so I decided to tab it...great song from
horizon...heard it on a nice scene played in's been a while since the
and I hear that vertical horizon is making a new album...let's hope they can come out
hits like everything you want...and best I ever had (grey sky morning)...if you
heard these songs then you should download them on limewire or itunes...if you like
or Red Jumpsuit Aparatus...sad this band has been forgotten (for now), some points when I
this, (...) ,in front of some lyrics, that means he holds on that note for half a sec or 
and the first verse is mainly drumming... the guitarist is just strumming
with every chord, a second guitar strums with bar chords in the second part of the 1st
as the first guitar strums once. In the chorus there is an electric guitar with
strumming the chords (once) in the background while an acoustic or clean electric strums 
chords, also when you're playing the chorus mute out the high E string when you're playing
and C...this tab is accurate you can play along to the song at Standard E


Dm bar chord----567755-|
A# bar----------667886-|
A#power chord---000886-|
G power---------000553-|
F power---------000331-|
A power---------000775-|

V1 Clean, no distortion 2 guitars
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Dm                        A#
I'm on the outside looking in what do I see
Dm                        A#
so much of this left to begin where would I be
Dm                        A#
out on the outside looking in cover me
  C             A#
through...this night
Dm                        A#
guess I don't know what's left to say but hear me out
Dm                        A#
all of the dreams of yesterday keep breaking me down
Dm                        A#
what's on the outside can you say or
  C                   A#
am I getting carried away

Chorus  one distortion, one clean

 Fmaj7                  C
Cause it's in your mind it's in your eyes
Dm               A#
so it's goodbye again
 Fmaj7                  C
it's way past time for one last try
Dm               A#
so it's goodbye again
Dm          A#

Dm                           A#
I'm getting armor but what's the use you know how I get
Dm                           A#
I can't decide which is the truth at least not yet
Dm                           A#
I get the feeling that it's you
                 C                  A#
but what can be said along in this road...........


Bridge full distortion power chords...
G-A-A#                  F
    and who now
  Dm              A#
maybe...somebody else
G-A-A#              F
    and I'll wait around
maybe you'll forget
you were ever here
  Dm                  A#       C A#
maybe forget you were ever...never here

Dm                         A#
I'm on the outside looking down what do I see
Dm                         A#
so much of this cold in the ground where would I be
Dm                         A#
out on the outside...looking down
           C          A#
cover me, go

Chorus One distortion, One clean

You're falling out I'm falling in
so it's goodbye again
it's way past time for one last try
so it's goodbye again...........

chorus 2x continues while the lead singer sings this in the background

goodbye                  Chorus 2x



goodbye again




goodbye again.......

end on Dm
any corrections or anything please let me know...