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Everything You Want Chords

erson: Jake Standifer

song: Everything You Want

artist: Vertical Horizon

tab: Everything You Want
Vertical Horizon
Album:Eveything You WantCopyright 1999 BMG Ent.
Tabbed by Jake Standifer

Feel free to correct my MANY mistakes!

I'm not sure this is 100% correct but I gave it a shot.

1.                            2.
e---------------------------  -2-1---
b-2-4-2-4-2-4-2-4-4--2-4-2-4  ------
g---------------------------  ----

Then repeat 1. then do this   e--2--------

then: kind of pick these chords
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 B G#m B  F#
This is pretty much the verse also

         B5              F#5
He's  everything  you  want
         B5              G#5
He's  everything  you  need
         B5       F#5          G#5
He's everything inside of you that you thought you should be
         B5            F#5          B5     F#5     G#5
He says all the right things at exactly the right time
         B5           F#5              G#5    B5
But he means something to you and you don't know why

Bridge:It's just F#5 and B5