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I Hate You Tab

Verbal Abuse
I Hate You
From the American Band LP
The Sickest Bay area Hardcore band ever!
easy song, fun to play.

Verse                                            little part
E--------------------------------------          E-----------|
B--------------------------------------          B-----------|
G--------------------------------------          G-3-3-3030--|
D-4-444444-5-555555-7-77-5-55-4-444444-          D-----------|
A-4-444444-5-555555-7-77-5-55-4-444444-          A-----------|
E-2-222222-3-333333-5-55-3-33-2-222222-          E-----------|
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Chorus                                           lead thing
E-------------------------------------           E--55--55--5-|
B-------------------------------------           B--55--55--5-|
G----------9-999999-7-777777----------           G-7---7---7--|
D-9-999999-9-999999-7-777777-7-777777-           D------------|
A-9-999999-7-777777-5-555555-7-777777-           A------------|
E-7-777777-------------------5-555555-           E------------|

Thats it... Slayer covered this song, along with a handful of other Verbal Abuse songs, 
you can't fuck with the origional